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Myrtle Beach Fishing Report: Captain Mark Dickson Fishing News

12/21/14    Merry Christmas!   Shallow Minded

Good news folks, on December 16th there were 500 legal size Redfish released in our local waters. All fish are tagged with an external orange tag from the SCDNR. We are and have been running backwater trips from the Ranger Banshee flats boat and will continue to offer this all winter. I have also reduced the rate for two anglers to $300 for tidal trip (at least 4 hours0. Anyone interested in fly fishing this is the prime time of year as the water is really clear and sight fishing opportunities are almost a guarantee. Please check Shallow Minded Inshore Fishing Charters on Facebook for more updates and reports. Merry Christmas! Catch ya'll later.


08/03/14    Rain Rain Go Away!   Shallow Minded

Rain, that's pretty much all it's done here the past few days and it's definitely put a stop to our fishing. I've been trying to make the best of it, catching up on tackle maintenance, paperwork, fish reports and all the other stuff that tends to get pushed aside during the busy summer months. We have experienced some good fishing lately, the Redfish bite has been the most consistent action in Bonaparte Creek fishing live finger mullet on a Carolina Rig. I don't really think it's a secret as on most days there are at least a 8-10 boats camped out on an area about the size of a football field. The Flounder action in and around Tubbs Inlet has also been pretty decent, fishing the deeper holes on the incoming tide has been best for us. We have also seen plenty of Trout this summer, floating live shrimp out at the jetty's or in the Calabash Creek or near Sunset Bridge should produce a few fish. August is upon us and it won't be too much longer until the kids are back in school. We do slow down a little but the best fishing of the year is still yet to come. From September 15th to about November 15th is some of the best fishing we see all year. Please keep me in mind on your next visit to the Myrtle Beach, Ocean Isle or Sunset Beach area and I'll do my best to hook you up.


06/11/14       Shallow Minded

The summer season is off and running, glad that the phone is ringing and e mails are coming in daily. The fishing has been decent most days, we may see a trip that only produces 2 or 3 fish (mostly Redfish) followed by a trip where we catch 15 or more. Sunday afternoon we caught 17 Redfish from 24-30 inches and I went back there the next day, same tide, wind, water color and we only caught two. Go figure! The Flounder bite has been good in Tubbs and Hogg Inlet, and small Pogies will produce larger fish. If the water is clear the bite seems to be better, I really like the rising tide in these inlets for Flounder. The Bonnethead Sharks and Bluefish are feeding out at the Little River Jettys, small Pogies on a 1 oz Carolina Rig will do the trick. I do have open dates in the coming weeks so please give me a call if interested in a Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter or a Myrtle Beach Fishing Guide. Stay tuned for more Myrtle Beach Fishing Reports, catch y'all on the next tide.


05/29/14    Ultimate Experience   Shallow Minded

Game on! Inshore or Backwater fishing has been very productive, sure I've had a couple of slow trips but they have been backed up by trips that were simply epic. There have been some really big Redfish under the Menhadden schools up and down the beach. This is a relatively new fishery for this area that Mark Stacy, Brandon Sauls and I were the first to stumble across last fall. Not all the bait schools are holding fish but when we stumble across the right school, we have caught Reds up to 50 inches and Blacktip Sharks pushing 6 feet. It's actually pretty crazy because all this is happening right behind the breakers in 8-12 feet of water, probably not what the local Chamber of Commerce wants advertised but facts are facts. The backwater creeks are still producing plenty of small Flounder but gigging pressure has kept the keeper to throw back ratio at a minimum. The Redfish bite in the creeks has been really good too, but pushing it to the limit and fishing the backwaters that don't see much pressure have been my secret to success. This is the time of year that everyone is lobbying for business and anybody can write anything that they want about themselves online. After 15 years of experience, most of my clients are repeats so even if I am booked and you have a question about another guide service in this area, please don't hesitate to shoot me a text, e mail or just call for a referral. My reputation rides on that recommendation and I want to make sure that you get hooked up with the right guide service and really see the first class fishing our area has to offer. Have a safe and happy summer and we'll catch y'all later.

05/19/14    Vroom Vroom!   Shallow Minded

It's bike month here in Myrtle Beach, the sound of the Harley's have faded and the high pitch zing of the go fast sport motorcycles looms on the horizon of the week's end. I guess it's all good for the local economy but this week charters are a little off despite the incredible fishing the we have been experiencing. My past four trips over the last few days have gone like this, 14 Redfish and 9 flounder, 4 keepers on Friday, Sunday morning we caught 15 Flounder only kept 3 but missed many more. This morning caught 13 flounder and kept 5 (16-20 inchers) and this afternoon produced 7 Redfish, 1 fat Trout and a few throw back Flounders. The Spadefish are starting to show on the nearshore wrecks and reefs and the Cobia migration is in full swing also. I have seen small pogies in the ICW the past few days and they are perfect size for most of our inshore fish. It's all happening now, everything has come together and the weather forecast is great for the next 5 days. I often get asked when is the best time to go, well that answer is now! Call to book a trip, I'd love to get you out there. Stay tuned, catch you on another tide.


05/04/14    Stable Weather   

Finally, we have a stable weather pattern in front of us. The past several weeks the weather has been unstable and therefore the bite has been sporadic. We have seen several good days of fishing followed by several days of poor fishing. From Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning last week I saw the water temperature fall almost 10 degrees in our coastal backwater creeks. With these dramatic changes, the fish, much less the fisherman don't really know where to go or what to do. The weather is stable now and the moon is growing which I always associate with good fishing in the creeks. The Flounder bite in Cherry Grove remains consistent but this time of year you can count on big crabs, large crowds and small fish. A few more keeper flounder are being caught in Tubbs Inlet but the constant shifting sandbars in this inlet have made navigating tougher. Redfish can't resist a soft shell crab right now however if you decide to use these expense baits, know that neither can the small Croakers, Pinfish and Perch. We have seen Trout up to 4 lbs this week but are unable to keep them in the NC waters we fish. I anticipate more consistent fishing this week with Flounder in the usual spots, Redfish in the backwater and big sow Trout at the Jetties. Give me a call to get in on the action!


04/13/14    "Real Report"   Shallow Minded

In order to keep this report "real" I feel that I must report the good, the bad, and the ugly. To be completely honest the fishing early last week was simply horrific! My ego was already bruised from fishing on Sunday and Monday but after fishing 8 hours on Wednesday without a bite I felt like I'd been kicked in the crotch. When I left the dock early Thursday morning I honestly didn't have a clue where I was gonna go or what I was gonna do. I found myself sitting right where my guiding adventures started over 15 years ago at the Little River Jetty's, we anchored and floated a few mud minnows down the rocks and were quickly rewarded with a nice 30 inch Redfish. The next hour produced steady action but just as the current slowed down so did the bite. We moved around a bit and caught a couple of more solid 22-24 inch Reds at Sunset Bridge. Thursday afternoon produced a dozen or so Trout and a couple of small Flounder. Friday morning the jetty's were rough so we hit the creeks and found a nice group of 18-20 inch Redfish that were more than eager to bite. We ended the trip at Sunset Bridge with the largest fish of the day, a nice 26 incher. Yesterday I fished with my wife in the backwater creeks at Cherry Grove and I'd say the Flounder bite was hot! We only fished a couple of hours and landed 10 with 2 nice 16 inch keepers but missed many more and when we were not catching we were watching other boats down the creek catch fish. Most of the fish are small in this area this time of year but as the weeks go by more and more keepers will be caught with the bulk of the action peaking in June. This looks to be a real busy week and I can only hope the action continues. Charter trips are booking up fast so give me a call if interested in seeing the natural side of Myrtle Beach and catching a few fish. Catch you later,


04/07/14    "Time to Go"   Shallow Minded

Hi guys, just a quick update on the fishing here on the Grand Strand. Redfish, Trout and Black Drum have been the most commonly caught species on our trips. Fresh frozen shrimp, chunks of blue crab or live mud minnows have been the best offering. As the water warms the fish are moving around a bit more and some days they can be a little tough to find. I'm a very persistent Captain and believe in moving around a lot if we are not getting bites in one spot. This tactic usually produces more fish than just sitting in one spot for an hour with no bites. The weather is finally stabilizing and warmer temperatures seem here to stay. Please give me a call to get out on the water to have some fun, see some really cool stuff and catch a few fish.


03/10/14    "Early Spring Report"   Shallow Minded

Hey Folks, just a quick update on the inshore fishing. The warm weather has brought the Redfish back to life! The bite has been really strong the last 3 days and with the forecast, I anticipate it continuing for a while. The Gulp swimming mullet rigged on a 1/8 ounce Mission Fishin jig head and live mud minnows have been the top producing bait for these Reds. Also in the back water creeks we have been catching big numbers of small Speckled Trout on VuDu Shrimp and DOA Shrimp and even a Flounder here and there. For daily updated reports like my Facebook page: Shallow Minded Inshore Fishing Charters. Catch you guys later.


02/05/14    "Facebook"   Shallow Minded

Hey folks, like Shallow Minded Inshore Fishing Charters on facebook for more updated fishing reports. Tight Lines.


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