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Vacationing in Myrtle Beach? Take the Family on a Charter Fishing Trip!

If you’re looking for a way to bond better as a family unit and you’re planning on visiting coastal South Carolina in the near future, we recommend you try out charter fishing in Myrtle Beach. This will provide the family a very exciting experience on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean that they will never forget.

Have unruly teenagers that didn’t even want to come on vacation to start with? A half day or full day out charter fishing in Myrtle Beach with us will change their outlook on vacations with the family, we promise you that! And who knows, they might even decide they like fishing so much that they take it up as a hobby!

Where to find charter fishing in Myrtle BeachOur company, Shallow Minded Inshore Guide Service will provide you with everything you need for a fabulous day of fishing. We’re experienced and knowledgeable and can help even the first-time-fishermen with baiting, casting, and reeling in their catch.

We truly believe that taking your family out on a charter fishing boat is a great way to form lasting bonds with your children as well as countless memories. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Be sure to bring your camera because you’ll want to capture that look of absolute joy on the faces of your kids!

Our fishing charters depart year round from Harbourgate Marina on Sea Mountain Highway in North Myrtle Beach for full 7 hour days or half days of 4 hours. We take 1-4 anglers out at a time on our inshore charter fishing trips. All you need to bring on your venture is whatever you want to eat or drink, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain gear, and your camera. We will provide everything else you need — tackle, lures, bait and fishing licenses. You’ll have the option to catch-and-release your catch or to keep it and take it home with you.

If you have any questions at all about our charter fishing voyages, call Capt. Mark at 843-458-3055 or email him at

Looking for an Ideal Fishing Charter

When you want to go on a Myrtle Beach fishing charter it’s important to do some research on the company you’re entrusting your life to. The waters around South Carolina are beautiful and you want to have a good time and catch fish when you pay good money to spend the day on a Myrtle Beach fishing charter. A good way to ensure your fishing trip goes well is to spend some time making sure the charter you choose meets certain requirements.

Myrtle Beach fishing charterYou want to use a reliable fishing charter company when you go out – a company like Shallow Minded Inshore Guide Service.

Do some research on the captain and make sure the person has verifiable fishing success and a good safety record. Capt. Mark Dickson, a lifelong resident of the area, is an inshore light tackle fishing specialist. Call the Captain up and talk to him. Make sure you get a good feeling about him and that you’ll feel safe in his hands. An experienced and successful charter boat captain should have fishing and navigation skills of course, but he should also have people skills.

Look at pictures of the boat you’ll be chartering, either on the web or have them emailed to you.

Verify that the rates are reasonable. You should expect to pay more for a charter that stays out longer, provides meals and supplies all equipment and bait. But if you are expecting fishing equipment and it’s not provided, you’ll need to know this up front.

Little River Charter Fishing

Fishing is popular among both locals and tourists alike due to the fact that it is a very accessible sport for most people. While deep sea fishing generally requires heavy duty equipment, as you head farther out into more dangerous waters to catch much larger fish, inshore fishing can be done with affordable lightweight gear right from boat, dock or shore.

Little River charter fishingLittle River charter fishing can net a lofty selection of fish, so the equipment you use makes a big difference in what kind you catch. Casting rods are great for top water plug action, and make use of moderately heavy lines. Actions and tapers are often utilized for bait application, whether you are using artificial or live bait.

When it comes to rods, the Gloomis Gulfcoast Series casting rod is a popular one among inshore fishermen. It has a light, fast taper, which is good for folks who aren't accustomed to  more difficult rods, and would like to have as much control as possible without overexerting themselves.

When you come on one of our Little River charter fishing excursions you can use your own bait and tackle if you have it or you can use what we supply ?to you. Either way, you’re going to have the opportunity of a lifetime to catch some mighty fine fish in area marshlands, creeks and rivers.

Flounder, Trout and Reds

Hey guys, the inshore fishing in Little River has really picked up.  Other than a few colds days when we had a cold front push through, the fishing has been good.  We are consistently catching Redfish, Trout and Flounder.  The Redfish are still in the backwater creeks and are being caught on Berkley Gulps or live mud minnows on a Mission Fishin jig head.  The Flounder are biting on the mud minnows too and the Trout like the Billy Bay Halo shrimp. 

Little River Redfish

Hot Redfish bite!


Today was simply the best day all year.  Lauch Martin and Shaw Williams put the smackdown on the Little River Redfish popualtion today.  The inshore bite was hot with us catching 32 fish using 48 live baits.  You can't beat those odds. 

Hot Redfish Bite

The Redfish bite in the Little River/North Myrtle Beach,SC area has been great.  The weather is warming up and we are catching double digit numbers of Redfish on every trip.  Inshore charters are booking up quick so if you are interested you need to book early.  The backwater trout bite should start picking up any day.  Give me a call and we will get you out on the water.

Little River SC backwater fishing update

Even though its been cold, the inshore backwater fishing in Little River for Redfish has been great.  In the most recent charters we have caught  anywhere from 8-12 fish per trip.  We have been using light spinning tackle with a gulp shrimp and have had some success with small weighted flies.  The shallow water fishing will only get better as the weather warms up and the Speckled Trout fishing will pick up too. 

More Crazy Weather

  All right guys, here's another quick report. I fished Thursday and it was absolutely brutal, cold and windy. We only were out there about an hour but caught four small Redfish 16-18 inches. Friday the forecast was for snow but not until the late afternoon. Our plans was to catch the fish feeding before the front and we ended up catching several on Light Spinning Tackle using Gulp Shrimp and Crabs. My client was a diehard fly fisherman and was hell bent on catching one on the fly. His constant persistence paid off and he ended up hooking 3 fish but only landing one that was 24 inches, not bad considering the high on Friday was 45 degrees. I am booked the next few days but the tide will be right most of the week, Give me a call and let's go fishing.


You Gotta Go To Know

  Call me a "fishing junkie" a "fish geek" or whatever, I just love it. The weather was really nice this afternoon and when I saw the wind lay out about 2 o'clock I had to go give it a try. A quick call to my buddy Mark Stacy and we were off. We hit a few spots with nothing to show for our efforts and then found the hot spot. For two hours it was non stop action and we caught close to 40 Redfish, they were not real big (16-20 inches) but what they lacked in size they made up for in numbers. The real surprise was a keeper Flounder. I know after all the cold this report sounds crazy but you can become a fan of Shallow Minded Inshore Fishing Charters on facebook and watch a video of the action. Come beat the cold, let's go fishing.  


Cold Water Fishing

  It warmed up fairly nice today and at last minutes notice Todd Cathredge from Atlanta decided he wanted to go fishing. We hit several places this afternoon and saw scattered fish in a few areas but just could not get them to eat. The fish were very sluggish from the recent cold weather and we tried a variety of different baits before we finally got them to bite. Gulp crabs fished on Old Bayside heavy hooks seemed to do the trick. It made a real low tide today and the 5 inch draft of my Banshee flats skiff was too much so we had to get out and walk to where the fish were. We ended up going 5 for 9 on the Redfish and it was really nice to be on the water again here in the Carolina's. I forgot the camera was in the boat so I did not get any pictures today, sorry. It looks like we are gonna get rained out tomorrow and then the tide is not right for the next few days. Valentine's weekend the tide is perfect so come on down, send your special someone to the spa at Grande Dunes Marriot and let's go fishing. Catch you guys later.

Burrrrrr It's Cold

  Wow, did I pick the wrong week to come home from the sunny and warm Florida Keys. The weather here has been extremely cold and fish kills have been reported in scattered areas, Speckled Trout being the most common. I have been relaxing in Islamorada for the past couple of weeks and enjoying some of the killer backwater and inshore reef fishing that area has to offer. The fishing opportunities down there are endless this time of year; Sailfish off the reef, Grouper and Snapper on the Patch Reefs or Redfish and Trout in the Everglades National Park, the choice is yours. Anyone wanting to escape the cold and head down to the Keys give Captain Jeff Beeler a call at 305-522-3599 and he'll hook you up with a first class charter.

On the home front there is still some fishing to be had in the backwater creeks, Captain Greg Holmes and Captain Mark Stacy have been covering for me and have had some decent catches despite the extreme cold. Thursday Capt. Mark caught a couple of Redfish and noted several more pushing water but they refused to bite his Gulp shrimp. Friday Capt. Greg faired a little better and caught a half dozen Reds in the 18-25 inch class but said the bite was extremely light. Berkley Gulp shrimp or crabs are the best baits to fish this time of year and you've got to fish really slow.  I'm back in action and will be fishing tomorrow and Tuesday so look back for more reports. Until the tide turns catch you guys later. 

Myrtle Beach Inshore Fishing


If you are going to be in the Myrtle Beach area and love to go fishing, we have great news for you!  Captain Mark Dickson offers the best Myrtle Beach Inshore fishing tours in the area.  He is Myrtle Beach's first inshore light tackle fishing specialist and offers fishing adventures for the whole family.  As a native to the area his whole life, he has a strong grasp on the fishing techniques that work to catch plentiful fish.  Children are more than welcome to enjoy in the fun and he loves helping everyone of all skill levels.

While on your Myrtle Beach inshore fishing trip, Captain Mark provides quality Star Rods, tackle, Shimano Reels, and a new Triton 240 LTS with a quiet outboard motor.  He offers the best equipment becuase he wants his guests to have the most successful fishing trip possible.  He also provides artificial lures and live bait for your trip.  You'll be able to catch some great fish that include Black Drup, Spanish Mackerel, Blue Fish, Red Fish, and Flounder.  This trip is sure to leave you with lasting memories you can share for a lifetime. 

Little River Fishing

Little River is one of the oldest towns located along the Grand Strand area in South Carolina.  It's known for its delicious sea food and plentiful fishing.  Fishing has been a apart of this towns history for many years and continues to be successful.  Captain Mark Dickson offers the best Little River fishing trips in the area.  He has lived in the area his whole life and knows the water like the back of his hand.  He loves helping people and welcomes all ages and skill levels.

If you have a passion for fishing or just like to spend some time out on the water, a Little River fishing trip would be perfect for you.  His trips are very small and personal, usually only up to four people per trip.  He uses and provides his guests with the best equipment and tackle.  You can catch a variety of fish on these trips consisting of Blue Fish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, and more.  Captain Dickson works hard to provide his guests with the most enjoyable and successful fishing trip possible. 

Myrtle Beach Charter Boats

Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina and offers some of the best fishing around.  Captain Mark Dickson, an inshore light tackle fishing specialist, offers professional charters and supplies the highest quality tackle to his guests.  He is a lifelong resident of the area and knows the waters like the back of his hand.  You and your family can enjoy a day on the water in Myrtle Beach charter boats fishing Flounder, Red Fish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Spanish Mackerel, and Bluefish in the coastal backwater creeks.     

Captain Mark Dickson only takes up to four people on his Myrtle Beach charter boats because he wants the trips to be very personal so he can give his full attention to his fisherman.  His boat is a 24' Triton LTS with 250 Mercury 4 Stroke, which is perfect for backwater fishing.  While on the trip he provides all fishing licenses, tackle, lures, and bait.  If you don't want to keep your fish, catch and release is OK too.  All you need to bring with you is whatever you want to eat and drink.  Come and experience a fishing trip of a lifetime at Myrtle Beach. 

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